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        As a B2B website established by shenzhen bafangtong keji kafa Co.,Ltd. in 2004, b2b168.com helped hundred-thousand small-and-middle-size enterprises from industries such as hardware, machinery, chemical, construction, household, electronics and package material to get opportunities, extend business scopes and expend internet trades within the last decade. As a trusted B2B website, b2b168.com owns more than 10,000,000 enterprise users and 2,000,000 subscribers which comes from all 31 provinces of China. Here they can display their products and searching suppliers, free from any charge.

        By submitting required information and related certificates that will be audited by the administrators of B2B168.COM, staffs working for any small-and-middle-size enterprises can establish their own Webpages here in languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Russian for free. By now B2B168.COM has recorded more than 40,000,000 provision messages and more than 20,000,000 purchase messages. With more than 1000 new subscribers per day, B2B168 has become an important B2B platform in China.

        The enterprise culture of B2B168.COM .
        Vision: Offer subscribers' more than they expected via our leading IT techs.
        Philosophy: Subscriber's oriented and Win-Win
        Idea: Faith, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Creative
        Core values: Self-realization, Value-creation and Contribution to the society

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